aboutusHi! We’re Tom and Bonnie Mayo.

We love to share the joys of country life with others. We have been married for over 40 years, and feel so blessed to get to “Live the Dream”, as Tom often says. We have two grown sons who are both married to the best daughters-in-law ever. They have expanded our horizons into the joys of grandparenting, with 4 grandkids, who are our pride and joy!

We have always had a few cows and horses, while we worked full time jobs. We own land here in Custer County, and enjoy the outdoors and livestock. Tom works as a financial adviser, leads our church’s high school youth group, and is a 5th Degree Black belt in TaeKwonDo. Bonnie is an RN, and worked at the local hospital for over 30 years full-time, most of it in Home Health, and she is now slowing down to work part-time. She helps Tom with the youth group, enjoys the outdoors, her gardening and animals.

We appreciate you checking out our Farms’ vacation site, and would love for you to come for a real country vacation here at Cedar Lake.